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History As It Happens

Jul 11, 2023

Note: Audio clips of "A Small Light" are courtesy NatGeo.

Anne Frank's 'A Diary of a Young Girl' has been read by tens of millions of people in dozens of languages. It is an entry point for Holocaust studies for each new generation of school students. Her tragic story has been the subject of stage plays and movies, too. And now the young Dutch woman who tried to hide the Frank family from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam is the subject of a moving dramatic series produced by NatGeo and streaming on Hulu. 'A Small Light' depicts the story of Miep Geis, who took care of Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne Frank along with four other Jews as they hid in a secret annex until being betrayed and arrested in August 1944. In this episode, three people who befriended Otto and Miep after the war talk about the importance of telling this story, even if parts of the NatGeo series took some dramatic license. Cara Wilson-Granat, Ryan Cooper, and Father John Neiman each took different journeys to reach the same destination, inspired by Otto and Miep's strength and humanity.